MINDFULNESS workshop (Ages 13-21)

The WAKE-UP CALL says...

" Today was one of those moments in time teachers only dream about.  50 ninth graders totally engaged in advanced learning and reflection for 90 minutes.  Recommend highly for all our dancers.  Thanks, Donnette.  You changed some lives today."
Lauren Reibstein, Sequoia HS Dance Instructor

    I would be honored to share my journey that brought me to this new life, to what I truly believe is who I was meant to be all along…

It’s simple:

Life is to short and tomorrow may never come.  Leave no stone unturned and nothing left unsaid. I offer empathy, compassion, and introspective mindfulness tools to inspire self-love, pride and survival through the most challenging of times yet to come for everyone involved. 

  Make a resolution to take care of yourself. 

As a stroke survivor in 2013, trust me, LIFE IS TOO SHORT!  Make this your NEW MANTRA:

I CAN. and. I WILL.


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Many schools have small and strict budgets and/or underserved students, hindering abilities to cover full costs for this valuable workshop.  With each donation, Donnette will inform interested schools that we can help assist their budgets with a “match” to meet workshop costs DOLLAR for DOLLAR!  Each donor will be informed of who they “RALLIED” for!!

I've always been a self-starter.  Jotting down new ideas, my desk filled with post-it notes!  My imagination and creativity is sparked by the many things that inspire and motivate me in new ways.  

People call me a dreamer.  Well, I think that is pretty accurate...


I believe in the power of our dreams and that they illustrate the ability to take us to our highest being.  To reflect how we are different from each other in extraordinary ways, to be that which makes us beautiful on the inside, not the outside.  My goal is to live as though Heaven is here on earth and everyday is an opportunity to touch others I come into contact with.  To help others reach for that being we are truly meant to be and fulfill our destiny.  Dreams give me depth, clarity and inspiration to just be me.  That is the meaning of my life.  


I challenge you:  Why would we see things so vividly in our mind if we didn't have the power to make it come true?  To me, that's what is impossible.  To NOT believe in following dreams or NOT to DREAM BIG?  What?!  That makes no sense to me.


So, call me a dreamer?  Yes, please do!


In January 2013, I survived a hemorrhagic stroke that has left me disabled on my left side, but not in my brain!  That life-altering experience only fuels my dreams and propels me to NEVER GIVE UP!  Life IS too short.  I have never been more confident than I am right now.  Why?  Because I am who I am, exactly as you see me, not trying to be something I am not.  Life is precious, and I was blessed with a second chance.  



American Stroke Association


"Dancing isn't about how high you can kick your leg or the fancy "tricks." It's about

how high your soul soars as you enter the stage and the lights come up.  

Yeah, that feeling..."


"...I was very touched by Donnette's workshop especially because of what I am going through right now. It made me think about the overall impact of my thoughts to myself and made me set a goal of judging myself a little bit less. Thank you very much for this it was much appreciated by everyone and something that more teens and people in general need to hear :)..."

RISE Testimonials...

"...I thought that Donnette's workshop was really powerful. I think she talked about things that everyone could relate so everyone felt like their feelings were valid. It also brought us all together without us having to talk it was a completely emotional

"...Donnette was amazing; she struck me as a morally and physically strong person, being able to overcome challenges not only imposed on her by those around her, but also caused by her own body...


 Another thing about her workshop that day was her metaphor of ''rising'', which I won't forget. She somehow managed to be relatable to us, as teenagers of a new generation, despite her unmatchable experience of having a stroke, by still being able to relate as a dancer and artist not fully appreciated for her worth and talent as a member of a company, and was poignantly honest about what the artistic atmosphere could be like.


She reached ME in relatability, and I was able to empathize with her as someone whose experiences in many different dance environments shaped who I ultimately became, and made me a stronger person..."

"...it was very inspirational and I felt like she got to us on a more personal level, which many people aren't able to do. Her story was really eye opening and it made me think multiple times about problems that I have had in my life and it gave me the constant reminder that "everything will be okay, rise".


After her workshop I feel like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. She's an inspiration to many.

"...I have always been the type to squelch my problems internally, much like others I know. Often thinking that our problems are internal and would not want to burden others with them. But Donnette showed me that it’s okay to ask for help and it’s okay to be hurting and have a good cry once in a while. It was especially helpful as my peers and I are entering adulthood, and a poignant part of life, we really do need some guidance. Her anecdote about her bullying experience and stroke really allowed me to see that the strongest of people go through the greatest obstacles and hardships. That showed me that no matter what comes your way, there will be some way to get back up stronger and healthier than ever." Her workshop has allowed me to become more self aware with my hardships and to keep in mind that I need to reach out, and I won’t be a burden, and people really do want to help!!"


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